National Association of Democratic Lawyers

                                                  NADEL is a voluntary organisation of lawyers,
which has as its primary goal a legal and judicial system 
that realises access to justice for disadvantaged people
and the rule of law


NADEL members are drawn from those in the legal profession whowere historically disadvantaged.  NADEL membership comprises all legal practitioners
including attorneys, advocates, judges, para-legal and law students.Most members are private practitioners
who service working class and poor communities.

NADEL is a longstanding affiliate of the International Commission of Jurists, the International Democratic Lawyers Association and participates actively in the Commonwealth Lawyers Association and Southern African Development Community Lawyers Association.

What We Do

What we can do for you

NADEL promotes and defends the constitutional order to ensure access to justice and the realisation of civil, political and socio-economic rights. Its activities include the restructuring of the legal aid board, legal aid system, transformation of the composition of the judiciary, judicial training, human rights training for NGOs, CBOs and para-legal and gender-sensitivity training for lawyers.

Reflecting NADELS's leading role in the transformation process,
Nadel interacts with Ministry of Justice on a range of issues affecting the legal profession and justice system.

Most significantly Nadel seeks to ensure that new legislation creates single unified profession to facilitate access to justice and the removal barriers to the profession

Our Members

The type of people you will be working with

NADEL members and branches actively seek to nominate judicial candidates to increase the representation of black and female judges. Judicial skills training is conducted to create a larger pool of prospective judicial candidates, with a special focus on social context training (human rights awareness) and gender sensitivity.

Nadel initiated a pilot training programme in conjunction with the Department of Justice, Justice College, the Black Lawyers Association and the Canadian Linkage Project.

The programme resulted from Nadel's internal judicial skills training programme. Nadel also actively participates in the Department of Justice’s Legislative Drafting Programme to train legal practitioners on the drafting of laws


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“NADEL condemns the killings of civillians and lawyers in Balochistan,Pakistan”

“On 8th of August 2016 a suicide bomber killed more than 70 people while leaving a 100 others wounded at a hospital in Quetta (situated in the province of Balochistan, Pakistan). Baluchistan's Home Minister, Sarfraz Bugti, said, “the incident occurred after a number of lawyers and some journalists had gathered at the hospital following the death of Bilal Anwar Kasi, president of the Balochistan Bar Association, in a separate shooting incident earlier that morning". According to reports the majority of those killed were lawyers. On the 11th of August 2016, a few days after the suicide bombing incident, a bomb went off near a vehicle escorting a judge of the Federal Sharia Court and wounded 14 people.

" Balochistan is a place that desperately needs lawyers and is home of a decades-old separatist insurgency, fueled by real grievances over neglect and lack of political representation. It is also increasingly the target of Sunni extremists, who bomb and kill its Shiite minorities. Dozens of local journalist have been kidnapped in the past few years. It is nearly impossible for foreign reporters to enter Balochistan. Lawyers are almost all that give the province a resemblance of justice." said Bugti.

We, the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL) condemn, in the strongest terms, the killing of civilians and lawyers. We pass our deepest and most sincere condolences to all those families who lost loved ones as a result of the bombings. We also send our heartfelt sympathies and support to our Balochistan colleagues whose lives are constantly under threat. From various reports circulating it is clear that lawyers are being specifically targeted. Lawyers are the guardians of human rights and justice, an attack on lawyers is an attack on the very values they seek to uphold. We call on the Pakistan authorities to investigate this matter urgently, bring those responsible to book and to take stringent steps to ensure the protection of lawyers and civilians in Balochistan. 


Coming soon.”


“Coming soon.”



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